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A girl from Malawi is happy to access clean and safe drinking water from a borewell

Clean Water

No child should die of thirst. Every child deserves clean water.

Why clean water matters

For children to grow up happy and healthy, they need to have clean water, proper sanitation, and good hygiene. Yet every day, nearly 1,000 children under five die from diarrhoea because of dirty water, poor sanitation and unsafe hygiene practices.

Contamination from industry or agriculture makes water undrinkable and can lead to waterborne diseases. Unreliable rainfall and the effects of climate change mean families are forced to travel further for water and might end up using unsafe, dirty sources. 

World Vision is the largest non-government provider of clean water in the developing world.

Boy in Honduras holds his hands out to a clean water tap

We reach 1 new person with clean water every 10 seconds. 

Clean water saves lives

With your support, we work with communities to meet urgent sanitation needs and provide long term solutions to water scarcity:

Together, with your help, we can:

Help reach more children with clean water

Together, let's bring essential clean water to a vulnerable child's community.

Kamama's story

For Kamama, 5, in Kenya, life has greatly improved since we helped install a water point just 250 yards from her home. Now she’s seldom sick, bathes every day, and her mother has the water she needs to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for her children.

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