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Together with the Church

Make a lasting impact by partnering with us

Our promise to serve your church

Across the world, churches like yours are transforming lives. You’re sharing God’s love and hope through all you are doing, truly bringing his Kingdom here on earth. That’s why we want to work with you and your church – because by working together we can broaden your reach and bring life in all its fullness to every child and person we serve.

We can work together to help people survive and rebuild after emergencies, war and natural disasters, become economically resilient to future challenges and ensure children and their families have access to healthcare, clean water and nutritious food.

Join churches around the world as, together, we pray, act and give to bring fullness of life to every child.

Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God

Why make us your charity partner

Our organisation was founded on a prayer 70-years ago, and ever since, we have been relentless in going where the need is greatest, transforming the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. As a globally well-known and trusted Christian organisation, we have experience working in over 100 countries and collaborating with communities and organisations, so we can help you make even more meaningful connections with your local community and to have them join you in transforming a community in need.

We are committed to work humbly with you to contribute to the fulfilment of God’s mission in the world. We wish to get to know you, learn all about your vision and respond to serve your church well. There are many ways we can come together to support God’s work; from prayer, giving, resources and research that will help churches like yours grow and achieve your mission.

Our team is here to personally help you find the best way - big or small - to involve your church and congregation in local and global missions and support its continued growth and success.

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Our work, inspired by our Christian faith, has brought better futures for 200 million vulnerable children and counting.

Partnering with our charity is good for your church

As well as helping to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children, partnering with our work will give you opportunities to engage your congregation in positive challenges, broaden your ability to bring about lasting transformations to the lives of many and demonstrate your commitment to fulfilling God’s mission.

To discuss partnering with us to stand with the world’s most vulnerable children, please send a message, email or call +27 11 285 1700. Our team will work with your church to get to know you and see what best suits your church’s interests and requirements.

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Through World Vision’s work, every 60 seconds a family gets water, a hungry child is fed, a family receives the tools to overcome poverty.

How faith drives our work

Our faith not only drives our work, but actively supports it. Religious leaders of all faiths are uniquely placed to understand the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities, bring about changes in thinking, foster dialogue, and motivate their congregations to support community needs.

Inspired by our common values, we seek out and work with these leaders to address underlying values and norms that prevent children from living full lives; issues like HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, gender equality, and child protection, and we work with them to keep communities safe and united when disasters such as ebola and COVID-19 strike.

See how World Vision worked with faith leaders in Sierra Leone to protect the community against ebola and coronavirus.

Become our newest church partner today!

Get in touch with the team. Send a message, email or call +27 11 285 1700.

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