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 KZN Response

Disaster Management / KZN Response

World Vision South Africa responds to those affected by the floods

Impact of the floods

Heavy rains and flooding hit the eastern coast of South Africa, killing hundreds of people while damaging homes and destroying roads, resulting in South Africa's deadliest floods on record.

When disaster happens, whether it be natural or manmade, we want children to have access to food, clean water, shelter and safe place to be and to belong.

We are committed to helping the vulnerable from physical injuries, diseases, disruption of education, separation from families, trafficking and exploitation. Even in some of the most hostile environments, we have hope for recovery.

Affected KZN children
A world where all children are safe from disaster

We focus on efforts to end child vulnerability

Following natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies, children's lives can drastically change instantly. World Vision South Africa is committed to reducing vulnerability of the children’s and communities that are affected by disasters.

The needs of the vulnerable are increasing, the gap in available funding to meet this need is growing, and the calls to respond have never been louder. 

There is hope. With your support and the support of our partners across the world, we are in a better position to respond to the pressing and ever-changing needs of children. For more than 56 years, we have been responding, adapting, learning, and reaching millions of children affected by emergencies.


What we do

World Vision South Africa responds to emergencies through provide emergency food parcels, support for temporary shelter, blanket, hygiene kits and other live saving resources.

In emergencies, food insecurity is a major concern as access to food and water or often is disrupted. Food insecurity in emergencies can be caused by displacement of people due to climate disasters, conflict, loss of infrastructure and livelihoods. These crisis are compounded by the already rising cost of food which can reduce personal resilience and access to live saving food resources.

World Vision's Response

World Vision South Africa believes that every child and family have the right to access nutritious food each day to live a healthy life. Meeting immediate food needs helps free vulnerable households from having to devote their time and energy to securing the most basic components of their diet. Ensuring access also helps families to invest in making their farms more productive, their meals more nutritious, and can positively contribute to better education outcomes of children. To ensure children and families do not have to go to bed hungry, World Vision South Africa provides life-saving food and cash assistance to communities, schools and vulnerable groups in times of emergencies. 

World Vision South Africa’s food assistance programmes in emergencies distributes food directly to vulnerable groups, including women, minorities, children and families, and people living with disabilities. As the most vulnerable population in a food emergency, it is essential we prioritize these groups to prevent them from falling further into poverty, increase vulnerability to exploitation or using harmful coping strategies.

World Vision South Africa is committed to serving the most vulnerable – but we cannot do this work alone, with your support, and by working with partners, government institutions, corporations, faith communities, at global, regional and local level, we are able to reach more vulnerable communities every year.

Distribution of food parcels
Distribution of food parcels

Having sufficient quantities of appropriate food available has been a concern for affected families since the devastating floods impacted the province.

World Vision South Africa strives to achieve food security for flood affected families in Kwa Zulu Natal through the distributed food parcels to families located in Umlazi and evacuation shelters.