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Six World Vision staff in orange tshirts in front of a stand volunteering at a World Vision event

Jobs at World Vision

Help us transform the lives of children. Join our team.

Work for World Vision

World Vision is a community of passionate people determined to serve the most vulnerable children on earth. We're one of the biggest international children's charities, working in almost 100 countries.

As an equal opportunities employer, we positively encourage applications from qualified and eligible candidates regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and race.

We're committed to creating a professional, compassionate and productive workplace wherever we are in the world.

Looking to make the world a better place? Join our worldwide family

Why join World Vision?

In South Africa, we're a diverse, passionate team based in Johannesburg. To achieve incredible things for children, our organisation values a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

There are many benefits, not least the sense of purpose we feel helping change children's lives.

We also want people to feel appreciated and motivated, so the well-being of staff is something we prioritise.

Question about a vacancy?

You can email:

Or give our friendly Human Resources team a call: +27 11 285 1700

Our core values



  • If you see a vacancy on our website that you’re interested in, simply click on the job link and you'll be guided through the application process.

    If you’re interested in working with World Vision, but there isn’t a relevant vacancy just now, you can sign up for job alerts. We'll then send you an email if a relevant vacancy comes up.

  • The primary benefit of working at World Vision is the satisfaction of helping vulnerable children and families through your career.

    We offer competitve salary and benefits.

    Where needed, we offer access to independent 1-2-1 counselling in situations of personal difficulty through our Employment Assistance Programme.

    We have staff recognition awards to recognise excellent work within the organisation.

    We offer a range of high street discounts and personal holiday rates.

  • No, not always. Many of our current staff members joined us after careers in business or the public sector. There are a wide range of skills and specialisms within our organisation, so we value a wide range of experience. 

  • It depends on the particular role that you’re interested in. Our mission and core values mean that we apply a Christian approach to our work.

    Many positions have a legal ‘occupational requirement’ that the person must be a Christian, but each position is assessed individually to see whether this is necessary.

    If there is a requirement, as long as you are a practicing Christian, it doesn’t matter what creed or church tradition you are part of. We are a very broad church.

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