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A child in South Sudan washing hands

Coronavirus: Learning hand washing in South Sudan

Children in South Sudan learn hand washing to keep themselves safe

World Vision is working with children in South Sudan, teaching them proper handwashing procedures to help keep them safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Visiting a World Vision Child-Friendly Space in Juba, seven-year-old Helen says she's already aware of how important handwashing is as the COVID-19 outbreak rages on.

"I wash my hands before I go to the Child-Friendly Space, as soon as I arrive home and every time after touching anything."

A girl from South Sudan washing hands with soap and water

Last year, 151,497 children participated in activities at World Vision's Child-Friendly Spaces in South Sudan. These programmes support the wellbeing of children during emergencies.

World Vision's Vanessa Saraiva told us, "Girls and boys have access to child-friendly information about the virus, including safe sanitation and hygiene techniques.

"These spaces help to ensure normalcy and routine in a safe and creative way - while respecting social distancing - at a time when we're all making adjustments to how we interact with one another."

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