Transformational Development

Overcoming obstacles that prevent life in all its fullness

Poverty is a complex problem, and World Vision seeks to address its root causes in a holistic way by focusing its efforts on three main areas: transformational development, humanitarian emergency affairs, and advocacy.

Our focus on transformational development is to ultimately improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children in South Africa through community-based programmes with sustainable outcomes. We serve the country’s people regardless of religion, race, gender or ethnicity.

Transformational development is the process through which children, families and communities identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living life in all its fullness.

World Vision partners with communities in providing access to knowledge and resources needed to combat poverty and to improve the wellbeing of children. We work with the community to facilitate a range of interventions, including programs in health, water and sanitation, education, economic development, microfinance and agriculture among others. World Vision also responds to disasters in affected communities.