Our Leadership


As a prominent, well respected Christian humanitarian organization, World Vision South Africa invites applications from interested candidates for the position of Non-Executive Director. Applications will go before a Board Nomination Committee and interviews will take place. Candidates, if selected, would be contacted. Please see our core documents for further details

Who we are

For more than 45 years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of development work in South Africa by fighting the causes as well as the symptoms of suffering – always through measurable goals and outcomes. World Vision South Africa (VWSA) operates in six of the nine provinces in about 20 communities. Our motto is “No child without” and through our consistent and dedicated work we are today touching well over a million children’s’ lives in our development interventions. Our goal is to have impacted on 5 million children and to have raised R720 million in funding by the end of 2015 and we invite you to join us in that quest.

VWSA is an eyewitness to heart-breaking suffering in some of the harshest and most difficult circumstances in our country. Facing the tremendous needs at a rural and urban level we work hard to stand in the gap; to act boldly for children; to be the voice for children and communities against deepening poverty, disease, abuse, and injustice.

In the 2014 financial year our revenue from international and local sources amounted to just over US$12 million, of which around 7% was raised from within South Africa. We invite potential candidates to visit our web site to see for themselves some of the work we are doing.


  • A committed Christian
  • Post graduate qualifications in any of: Law, Education, Finance, Governance, Human Resources, Marketing or Community Development
  • Prepared to serve for a minimum of three years

Scope of work

This is a non-remunerative position which requires Board members to attend four Board meetings per year, of which one is a project visit. The other three Board meetings will take place in Johannesburg, all logistical arrangements will be made and the costs covered by WVSA. You would be required to be a member of one of the Board Committees i.e. Governance and Board Development, Finance, Audit and Risk Management’ National Resource Development and Communications, Ministry, People and Culture and Christian Commitments.

The latter normally take place the day before the Board meeting – so each Board meeting is over two days, normally a Friday/Saturday. These Board Committees bring recommendations to the main Board meeting for consideration and resolution if approved. A copy of the Board Policies is available on request.

Non-Executive Directors Pre-Application Form