Running for Team World Vision and World Vision South Africa

Team-World-Vision-1Team-World-Vision-2Miriam Booy (far right): is from Canada but has spent most of her life in Africa and has been loving working for WV South Africa this year. She ran a 10km with her siblings for Team WV a couple years back and feels she has sufficiently recovered to take on this new challenge. Being able to run in such a beautiful country definitely makes it a little easier.


Emily Bowerman: Originally from the US, Emily is currently based in Johannesburg and working with World Vision’s Southern Africa Regional Office. She has previously competed in the Marine Corps 10k in Washington DC and a Tinman Triathlon. After enjoying all the opportunities for outdoor activities in South Africa, she was inspired (and/or shamed?) into signing up for her first half marathon by her lovely and persistent roommate (see above). But so far, neither regret it!

Team-World-Vision-4Caroline Wheatley: is from the US but currently lives in Mozambique and has her own consulting company. She is an adopted member of the World Vision family having worked for them as a consultant and has many friends of World Vision. She has run a half marathon before, but never one near an elephant reserve!