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There are various ways through which you can get involved with the work of World Vision South Africa. As a progressive and proactive organisation, we have harnessed the power and convenience of social media to encourage participation online and you can start by joining our Facebook community or following us on Twitter or you can start sponsoring a child.

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comrades marathon

For runners, the Comrades Marathon is one of the ultimate tests of endurance. But each day in South Africa, countless children face an even greater test of endurance: extreme poverty. Hunger wracks the bodies of children. Preventable diseases like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis tear through their communities. Dirty water — often collected miles away from home — threatens their well being. Education and economic opportunity are but distant dreams for many.

Partnership with Comrades Marathon Association

WVSA is an official charity of the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA). Through our valued partnership, we have the opportunity to complement each other in extraordinary ways. The Comrades Marathon captures the imagination of our whole nation with the incredible camaraderie and support of runners for runners, which never cease to leave people in awe.

The race affords a unique opportunity to thousands of hopeful road runners who dream of competing and completing the race. This race is especially of great significance to those who always start things and not complete them. It challenges their commitment weakness and brings about transformation.

Ways of involvement in our Comrades Campaign

Runners – and everyone else – can choose to support World Vision South Africa through the Comrades ‘Race 4 Charity’ endeauvor (more details below). Additionally, those wishing to become part of our Team World Vision (TWV) have the challenge of preparing for and running the grueling 90-kilometer Comrades Marathon with that of raising sponsorships for disadvantaged South African children.

By recruiting sponsorships and/or raising funds for us through our Comrades Campaign, you and the CMA help to bring real, measurable, tangible and lasting change to the less fortunate children of South Africa, and assist in the immense fight against poverty in South Africa. This will allow children to gain access to life’s basic necessities – such as nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, education, economic opportunity and caring staff.

The Team World Vision members cannot run the transformation race alone. This is why our Comrades Campaign places such a high premium on our plight to corporate businesses, runners and the public at large to come alongside us and thus help the children who currently suffer from the ill effects of poverty along the road to a better future.

You can choose to support WVSA and our Comrades Campaign in various ways:

Fundraising through Race 4 Charity

Race 4 Charity offers runners (supported by their circles of friends and loved ones) an opportunity to turn their running efforts into something great for charity. By creating a Race 4 Charity fundraising page you are able to raise funds for WVSA by your donors using their Credit Card (securely through PayPal), an electronic fund transfer or a premium rate sms (only available within the borders of South Africa) to make donations to us.

The Comrades Marathon Association has allocated a special seeding batch for those runners who have raised money for WVSA as one of the Amabeadibeadi charities in the build up to the Comrades Marathon 2012. In order to qualify to start in this batch you need to raise a minimum of R5 000. The benefits of qualifying for this seeding batch include the superior seeding, special goodie bags and spot prizes exclusive to the charity-seeding group. The CMA also managed to secure some incentive prizes for those runners who raise the most for the Amabeadibeadi charities. Normal entry and qualification criteria still apply for the 2012 Comrades Marathon.

Sponsor a child in need

The problems children face in the developing world differ, but the cause is always the same – poverty. Through child sponsorship you truly can do something about it, something extraordinary.

World Vision Child Sponsorship – involving a monthly sponsorship gift of R299 – is a unique opportunity for you to connect with a specific child in need, and transform that child’s life and community forever. Sponsorship provides resources that go into programmes that are usually 10 to 15 years in length and are custom-designed in collaboration with community leaders to address key needs. Programmes are child-focused but also benefit non-sponsored children and families.

This is your chance to build a special relationship with a vulnerable child and community in South Africa. As a child sponsor, you and the child will be connected to each other by the trading of letters and photos. The child will know your name and feel your loving care.

Run with Team World Vision

Each year, we have a team of individuals from all walks of life who choose to run the Comrades Marathon for ‘Team World Vision’ (TWV). Overseas runners combine the challenge of preparing for and running the grueling 90-kilometer Comrades Marathon with the challenge of raising multiple sponsorships for children. South African runners, however, are encouraged to show their support for World Vision South Africa and our cause by joining the TWV group on Comrades race day irrespective of their sponsorship/fundraising results.

On race day, the overseas TWV runners are visible in special orange-and-white TWV apparel. Since the CMA rules and regulations require South African runners to do so in their relevant club clothing, those wanting to show their support for WVSA by joining the TWV group can do so by wearing orange socks and orange wrist and head/sweat bands.

Epic journey to a development project

One of the unique incentives offered to members of TWV who have manage to recruit multiple child sponsorships is that they form part of an epic journey to an impoverished area in South Africa where we work to experience first-hand the results of our transformational development. They also get to meet sponsored children, interact with members of the community, form part of a fun run with children and see how the funds raised are utilized to exchange despair for hope.

South Africans who wish to form part of such an unforgettable journey will have secured a child sponsorship of their own (which they will get to meet) and have recruited 90 other sponsorships. These visitors to the community will, among others, receive special memorabilia to show, “I care and so I run” and will be honored on our WVSA/Comrades Hall of Fame, which will be published on various websites of CMA and WVSA partnership groups and companies.

Once-off donations

You may want to choose to do a once-off donation to WVSA according to your circumstances and ability. This can be indicated on the Commitment Form and done via the Race 4 Charity website.

Matching donations from companies/businesses

You may be in a position to secure support from within your industry, your employer or business networks you deal with to match the amount you have raised for WVSA, or alternatively to get them to sponsor Comrades runners per kilometer.

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Change the world

At World Vision, we believe the best way to change a child’s life is to change the world in which they live. And the best way to change their world is to help their community to become self-sustaining. This is what World Vision Child Sponsorship does.

Help a child

By sponsoring a child for R299 per month, you will help to bring about long-term benefits to the child, their family and community. Child sponsorship funds are used with the co-operation and direction of the community to benefit vulnerable children, families and community members, including sponsored children. This work ensures that the community will be able to provide the children with the basics they need, which helps them to grow up in a healthy environment and have the chance for a better future.

Get insight

Child sponsorship enables you to make a positive and real difference to the life of the child you sponsor within their family and community, and gain an insight into the reality of life in South Africa as a developing country.

Sponsor a child


Share – Inspire – Influence

Join us to advocate on behalf of children affected by poverty. Raise awareness within your community about World Vision’s work and the transformational impact of child sponsorship.

World Vision will provide you with the tools you need to share your message of hope. You can e.g.

  • Display brochures in a local business
  • Talk to your family, friends and community groups
  • Sending emails to co-workers and acquaintances

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Collaborate – Assist – Learn

If you’re interested in doing administrative tasks, our World Vision Office in Florida, offers many opportunities. They include the following:

  • Package assembly
  • Placing outbound calls
  • Data entry
  • Paperwork and filing tasks

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