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Churches in rural areas, informal settlements and former homelands often lack mentors and supporters. This may not be in financial issues only, but in other needs too, such as training, capacity building, evangelism and outreach. World Vision South Africa can connect your city church with another church in the areas were we work. This will help you establish relationships and expose your congregation to the poor in some parts of the country. We work with over 17 Pastors Fraternity groups that we have created or established in six of the nine provinces.


We believe the church has a prophetic voice on child justice issues and is one of the most sustainable entities. We would like to see the church involved at local, district, provincial and national levels in legislation, public participation, integrated development planning, and holding government accountable for its policies and promises to the people. World Vision South Africa would like to work with and through the church to advance social justice.

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From the tithes and offerings, the church can donate to the work of World Vision South Africa. Tithes of the tithes, special offerings, 40-hour Famine and collection of clothes, and non-perishable food can help World Vision South Africa transform lives. In Acts 6:4 the apostles said they would give themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word while the deacons took care of the issues of serving the tables. Instead of starting many different organisations with little impact, World Vision South Africa is positioned to be the service arm of the church while the church remains on the theological forefront.

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Partner in the 40-hour Famine. Save the money for lunch, for your airtime, your hairstyle, or any other luxuries, for the sake of the poor. In 40 hours experience poverty and fundraise. Fundraise for World Vision South Africa and with World Vision South Africa in pledges, concerts, festivals and other income from the church activities.


Partnerships with local and national churches, church bodies, and faith-based organisations which demonstrate collaboration that ultimately enhances the nurture of children are valuable and productive. We would like to resource and be resourced by the church to implement community development, disaster risk management, and advocacy. We would like to work with and through the church to see children enjoying good health, being educated for life, being protected, participating in community life, as well as experiencing the love of God and of others.

What can your church do?

  1. Fundraise for World Vision South Africa
  2. Participate in campaigns and popular mobilisations by endorsing World Vision South Africa’s justice for children campaigns such as the Global Week of Action of Child Health Now, Thursdays in Black, among others
  3. Invite expert speakers from World Vision South Africa to share with your church in conferences and seminars on child wellbeing aspirations
  4. Ask World Vision South Africa to mentor your FBO/NPO
  5. Ask World Vision to connect you to the needy communities and the training of church leaders

We would like to strengthen interdenominational groups, faith based organisations and fraternities.

We have MOUs to work with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, the Church of the Nazarene, the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office of the South African Catholic Bishop Council , Dumisa, and One Gospel TV. We are also members of The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (TEASA) and we are processing membership with the South African Council of Churches (SACC) with whom we have already done some work in the roll out of Vitamin A in Limpopo in partnership with UNICEF and the Provincial Department of Health.


Pray for the nation, pray for children’s health, education, protection and participation.

Pray for World Vision South Africa and other organisations involved in improving the lives of the poor.

World Vision South Africa appreciates prayer for and with the church all the time.