Our Campaigns – Being The Voice

Our child wellbeing aspirations for every child are:

  • To enjoy good health
  • Be educated for life
  • Be cared for, protected, and participate in community life
  • Experience the love of God and neighbours.

World Vision South Africa contributes to the World Vision Annual Child Wellbeing Report, which is designed to highlight the progress made in the past year towards improving the wellbeing of children in South Africa. The report outlines progress made in achieving specific child wellbeing ‘outcomes’ that are linked to the World Vision SA strategy as well as the specific annual global child target indicators, which include the decreased vulnerability of children and the increased policy influence and engagement.

Poverty and injustice

Poverty is a surmountable human condition of deprivation and broken relationships which often threatens human survival and involves unacceptable human suffering, thus preventing people from fulfilling their God-given potential. Poverty is the result of broken relationships and exploitation by unjust systems, processes and powers in the social, religious, economic, political, environmental and spiritual domains at the local, national, regional and global levels. Poverty results in (among other things):

  • chronic inability to meet basic needs (including food, access to health, education, clean water and livelihood)
  • erosion of human dignity
  • loss of identity and vocation
  • restrictions on human rights
  • minimal access to information for decision-making
  • limited development of employment-related skills, means of production and capacities
  • limited access to social support networks.

Poverty – and chronic poverty in particular – may be understood as the experience of vulnerability, lack of critical services, social and political exclusion, physical insecurity, unjust systems, disempowering institutions and inability to sustain livelihoods. Women and children are disproportionately affected by poverty. Poverty is often intergenerational, and this cycle must be

In South Africa poverty, inequalities and unemployment are the three challenges facing the country. World Vision South Africa is contributing towards addressing these three challenges through community development, disaster risk management and advocacy. World Vision South Africa works in rural areas, former homelands and urban informal settlements where poverty levels are very high and need urgent intervention by all. Truly sustainable development can only be achieved if citizens have a voice, grounded in knowledge, to shape priorities, air grievances and hold governments to account.

We support government initiatives – especially those focused on the wellbeing of children – through our community development and disaster risk management work in six provinces.
In holding government accountable, we engage with child-focused policies and programmes to ensure that they are formulated and implemented accordingly.

We help government deliver services in this country and achieve specific goals through an effective partnership in various initiatives that include: Service Level Agreements; support letters for World Vision SA for funding by institutional donors and corporates; input by World Vision SA in policies, monitoring & evaluation, social accountability, and citizen participation; input by World Vision SA in national and integrated development plans; capacity building of government workers by World Vision SA; and more.

Our key relations are with the local and national social cluster departments such as Health, Education, Social Development, Children, Women and People with Disabilities, Performance and Evaluation, and others.

Adding your voice is important to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to experience life in its fullness.

We need you to take action and support us in highlighting those issues that most affect the children of our beautiful country. Read through the campaigns listed, and choose one or all that you feel strongly about supporting.

Be the Voice now!